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About the Challengers Corp.

Legal Backround Team

Partners in this business have a masters degree in Law. Specialised in Legal procedures, our team has a record of over 13 years experience. But what they noticed with time,in the practice of their job,is lack of psychological and behaviour assistance through the experience of a Trial or a Hearing. Customers ARE NOT prepared to face the Legal issues for which they are being represented. Challengers corp. is here to fill the gap.

Relationship and Divorce Managing

Our relationship department is composed of women and men that have experienced in their own lives, success in love and also deception and disappointment. Charismatic, they are here to get you in the right mind frame to tackle your own doubts of how to be happy in a relationship, and how to keep it.

The divorce coachs, are listeners and advisors on how to overcome the issue of an unsuccessful relationship. They will blog you understand, that this is only an experience in your life, a moement that will make you stronger, if you make the right choices.

Job Challengers

We believe, like the ad says, that "impossible is nothing". Our managers are self confident and charismatic team leaders. They have started early carreers and became successful managers in their specialities. You decide of where to go, but in our society, risk taking and believers are not always sought as